Solar power is an excellent source of energy in many homes around the world. Solar energy panels in Vancouver  have gained popularity in recent years because of their many benefits. The power from the sun is leveraged and used in different ways in residential properties. Here are the 15 common residential uses of solar power in your homes.

  1. Provide electricity

This is the most common way solar power is used in many homes. Electricity is essential because most of the tasks and appliances in many homes depend on it to function. Solar panel Vancouver generates electricity used in different functions and powers various appliances at home.  Solar electricity is also more beneficial because of its easy accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

  1. Heating water

With the increased cost of electricity and initiatives geared towards conserving the environment, most homes have adapted solar water heaters. The energy from the sun is leveraged to heat water used in different functions at home such as washing clothes, utensils, bathing, cooking and others. The solar heater utilizes heat from the sun and transfers it to the water tank where water heating takes place.

  1. Heating home

During the cold weather conditions, it is necessary to generate heat to make your house warm. Solar heaters are used in homes during the winter. The heaters are placed in strategic locations to ensure that the entire house is heated adequately.

  1. Solar ventilation fans

Solar ventilation solutions, including the solar attic fans, help reduce overworking your HVAC system by cooling your home during the hot weather conditions. This is a great option if you cannot install a whole solar energy panels in your home.

  1. Lighting home

Another major use of solar power in homes is lighting. Solar lights are installed in almost all parts in a home including inside the houses, garden, landscape, garage and also security lights. Solar energy panels offer a less costly way to light your home, compared to electrical power.

  1. Portable solar power

Nowadays, people use portable devices that require powering by electricity. Portable solar chargers are used to charge tablets, phones and other mobile devices in your home. The solar cells are integrated into the devices to keep them charged.

  1. Heating swimming pool

Solar panel Vancouver is also used in heating swimming pool at home. It makes the pool warm, making it perfect for all family members to enjoy their time swimming as they relax. You can install a full-fledged solar heating system to heat the pool.

  1. Solar-powered pumps

Solar-powered pumps help circulate water from the collector to the tank. They help save energy costs since electric pumps consume a lot of power to do the same work.  The energy from the sun can be stored in batteries to run the circulating pumps during the cloudy weather conditions or at night.

  1. Charging batteries

All devices at home that work using a battery can be charged using solar power. Solar panels are used to charge storage batteries to help them power all the devices used in your home effectively.

  1. Cooking

Solar power can also be used for cooking meals at home.  Solar cooker makes cooking easier than you think. You can use solar power to cook any type of food; all you should do is buying the right solar cooker.

  1. Garden lighting

If you have a garden or lawn in your home, you can make it look great by having solar lights installed. They are available in different t types and go a long way in making your garden stand out, especially at night.

  1. Holiday or party lights

When holding a party in your home, you can still make use of solar lights designed for different types of parties. There are kits available for seasonal solar lighting displays, so you have a wide range of options to choose from.

  1. Solar Security lighting

Solar energy panels are used to provide security lighting in many homes. The solar lights can be installed at the gate, fence, door and other essential parts to improve security in your home. They come in different types, so you choose the ones that play this role most effectively.

  1. Home beautification

There are certain solar lights or lamps used as home decors. They can be installed inside the living room, dining room, bedroom or the outdoor space. They come in different colors that make your entire home elegant. They are beneficial since they are cost-effective compared to other types of décor lights.

  1. Solar dryer

During wet weather conditions, it may take a long time before clothes dry. Solar dryers have become common in many homes as they help dry the clothes faster and in a cost-effective way compared to electric powered dryers.